Wednesday, January 18, 2012


10: Cole: Wet Trash, Uneasy Chairs, Lightning Kills Eagle,
11: Randall: Red Rainbows, Fischkopf Sinfoniker, Noise Poet Nobody, Dat Fructose, Big Metal Door

15: Boxing
16: Kory Q: - MakingFuck, Dethrone, Into the Storm
17: Cole: L.A. Lungs, Marcus Price, Kelly Francis Corrado, Slurs
18: Malaki: - Wretch, #tits, somesurprises, Earthing Watt

22: Boxing
24: Reserved Kigen: Eroder, Disenchanter
25: Reserved Space Slu

29: Boxing

30: Reserved: Ryan - Fox Hunt, Ben von Wildenhaus, Clutch Douglass
31: Reserved Stan


1: Reserved: Rachel

7: Reserved: Felicia/Abraham //PENT UP FEST// NIGHT 1 ~ Finer Points Of Sadism, WLISPS, Dried Up Corpse, Nervous Corps, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Pink Void, Jodie, plus TBA
8: Reserved: Felicia/Abraham //PENT UP FEST// NIGHT 2 ~ Control, Blood Box, Bacillus, Cathartech, SLATES, Mongrel Gods, Greg Gorlen, PRISONFOOD, Uneasy Chairs, plus TBA

14: Reserved Cole
15: Reserved: Mia - Dull Skin, Lepers Hands, +
16: Reserved, Matthew T: Quuttinirpaaq

19: Reserved: Bill H
20: Reserved: CJ Boyd/////(CONOR)
21: Reserved:Matthew Paul
22: Mustin - Nasalrod, Trannysaurus Rox, and Kurly Somthing

28: Reserved: Junque Music
29: REserved: Bailey


5: Reserved: Robert K
6: reserved: Kyle D
12: Reserved Tyler S: Coven, Skelator, Headless Pez, Snakes - Stonerviolence, Blood Of Kings, Lb.! (pound)
13: Reserved Tyler S:Ceremonial Castings, Xoth, Perception, Zorakarer, Last Bastion, The Vatican, Fvkk
20: Reserved: Andrew M


3:Patrick N - L'Orth, Healersss (PDX), adc, devils club (PDX/SEA/SALEM), Ebola Twins, Visuals by: Coldbrew Collective

8: Reserved: Tim S
9: Reserved, Cameron

15: Reserved: Garrison,Matthew Silver
17: Reserved: Melissa

20: Reserved: Andrew M


13: Reserved: Chris P - Mts. & Tunnels w/ We wrote the book on connectors