Wednesday, January 18, 2012


23: Boxing

25: Cole, Forrest Friends, Marcus Price, Lepers Hands and Frontier Index
26: Peter K: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Jodie, Furniture Worship, Masaaki Maseo, Windswept Planes

30: Boxing


1:1967, No Buffer, Adventures in Wonderland,Ernest Hemingway

6: Boxing
8:  100 Watt Mind, Thunders of Wrath, Patrimony, and The 6 Foot Johnson Co.
9: Deathblow (SLC), Blood of Kings, and Paralyser,

13: Boxing
14: Abe: Junque Musique, Jacob Sundstrum, Nick Tobin, Fluxus Theatre.
15: Cole: Other Jesus, So Pitted, Cabana
16: Rando:  Pulling Out The Light
17: Garrison: Sediment Club, Biled Will, Death Masks, Domesticates

20: Clearinghouse, lil Tits, Chung Antique
21: Garrison: Lorenzo Abattoir, Sobering, Hashtag Tits, Struggle Session, Tokul
22: Cole: Pink Void, Derek M Johnson, Andrew Scott Young, Lepers Hands
23: Astra: The Gods Themselves, Crazy Eyes, Soft Blows
24: Kigen: Healer

27: Boxing+ justin, Ricardo W
28: Dustin: Daedal
29: Meatpie: psychedelephant, spacewaster, sister lip, skullbot
30: Reserved Stefan :Amphibian Children...


3: Boxing
4: Reserved SAngela:Nyx, Ave Grave, Jigsaw Puzzle Glue, Smile Brigade

5: Rachel: Buffalo Overlord, My Name is Anne(Chicago), Marcus Price, Stalebirth(tour kickoff), WLISPS
7: Jonny H: Substratum, Skeletor, Perception, +1

10: Boxing

12: Elvis: Raw Dogs, Expired Logic, Silty Loam, FCON, Enemy Combatants with Snip Snip Burlesque w/ Monikkie
13: Reserved, Maxwell: Hamartia, tba
14: Nathan

17: Boxing

19: Cole: Clearinghouse, Jodie, Dried Up Corpse, Funky Photos, Nervous Corps
20: Simon Henneman Quartet cassette release

24: Boxing
25: Reserved: Randall
26: Theold: Windows9SecondEdition, Dark Mystic Woods, Power Skeleton, Incanus, Luminosas
27: Cole: Fabulous Downey Brothers, Hot Rush


1: Boxing
3: REserved: Kigen, Nordus + Friends

4:Reserved Nathan Blu

8: Boxing

10: Reserved Cole: Wet Trash, Uneasy Chairs, Lightning Kils Eagle,
11: Reserved Randall

15: Boxing + Reserved Alexander H
16: Reserved Kory Q - MakingFuck, Dethrone
17: Reserved Cole, Marcus Price, Kelly Francis Corrado
18: Reserved Malaki

22: Boxing
23: Reserved Adam S
24: Reserved Kigen: Eroder, Disenchanter
25: Reserved Space Slu

29: Boxing
30: Reserved: Ryan - Fox Hunt, Ben von Wildenhaus, Clutch Douglass
31: Reserved Stan


1: Reserved: Rachel

7: Reserved: Felicia/Abraham //PENT UP FEST// NIGHT 1 ~ Finer Points Of Sadism, WLISPS, Dried Up Corpse, Nervous Corps, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Pink Void, Jodie, plus TBA
8: Reserved: Felicia/Abraham //PENT UP FEST// NIGHT 2 ~ Control, Blood Box, Bacillus, Cathartech, SLATES, Mongrel Gods, Greg Gorlen, PRISONFOOD, Uneasy Chairs, plus TBA
14: Reserved Cole
15: Reserved: Mia - Dull Skin, Lepers Hands, +
16: Reserved, Matthew T: Quuttinirpaaq

22: Reserved: Conor

28: Reserved: Junque Music
29: REserved: Bailey


12: Reserved Tyler S: Coven, Skelator, Headless Pez, Snakes - Stonerviolence, Blood Of Kings, Lb.! (pound)
13: Reserved Tyler S:Ceremonial Castings, Xoth, Perception, Zorakarer, Last Bastion, The Vatican, Fvkk


17: Reserved: Melissa