Wednesday, January 18, 2012


23: Boxing

25: Cole, Forrest Friends, Marcus Price, Lepers Hands and Frontier Index
26: Peter K: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Jodie, Furniture Worship, Masaaki Maseo, Windswept Planes

30: Boxing


1:1967, No Buffer, Adventures in Wonderland,Ernest Hemingway

6: Boxing
8:  100 Watt Mind, Thunders of Wrath, Patrimony, and The 6 Foot Johnson Co.
9: Deathblow (SLC), Blood of Kings, and Paralyser,

13: Boxing
14: Abe: Junque Musique, Jacob Sundstrum, Nick Tobin, Fluxus Theatre.
15: Cole: Other Jesus, So Pitted, Cabana
16: Rando:  Pulling Out The Light
17: Garrison: Sediment Club, Biled Will, Death Masks, Domesticates

20: Clearinghouse, lil Tits, Chung Antique
21: Garrison: Lorenzo Abattoir, Sobering, Hashtag Tits, Struggle Session, Tokul
22: Cole: Pink Void, Derek M Johnson, Andrew Scott Young, Lepers Hands
23: Astra: The Gods Themselves, Crazy Eyes, Soft Blows
24: Kigen: Healer

27: Boxing+ justin, Ricardo W
28: Dustin: Daedal
29: Meatpie: psychedelephant, spacewaster, sister lip, skullbot
30: Reserved Stefan :Amphibian Children...


3: Boxing
4: Reserved SAngela:Nyx, Ave Grave, Jigsaw Puzzle Glue, Smile Brigade

5: Rachel: Buffalo Overlord, My Name is Anne(Chicago), Marcus Price, Stalebirth(tour kickoff), WLISPS
7: Jonny H: Substratum, Skeletor, Perception, +1

10: Boxing

12: Elvis: Raw Dogs, Expired Logic, Silty Loam, FCON, Enemy Combatants with Snip Snip Burlesque w/ Monikkie
13: Reserved, Maxwell: Hamartia, tba
14: Nathan

17: Boxing

19: Cole: Clearinghouse, Jodie, Dried Up Corpse, Funky Photos, Nervous Corps
20: Simon Henneman Quartet cassette release

24: Boxing
25: Reserved: Randall
26: Theold: Windows9SecondEdition, Dark Mystic Woods, Power Skeleton, Incanus, Luminosas
27: Cole: Fabulous Downey Brothers, Hot Rush


1: Boxing
3: REserved: Kigen, Nordus + Friends

4:Reserved Nathan Blu

8: Boxing

10: Reserved Cole: Wet Trash, Uneasy Chairs, Lightning Kils Eagle,
11: Reserved Randall

15: Boxing + Reserved Alexander H
16: Reserved Kory Q - MakingFuck, Dethrone
17: Reserved Cole, Marcus Price, Kelly Francis Corrado
18: Reserved Malaki

22: Boxing
23: Reserved Adam S
24: Reserved Kigen: Eroder, Disenchanter
25: Reserved Space Slu

29: Boxing
30: Reserved: Ryan - Fox Hunt, Ben von Wildenhaus, Clutch Douglass
31: Reserved Stan


1: Reserved: Rachel

7: Reserved: Felicia/Abraham //PENT UP FEST// NIGHT 1 ~ Finer Points Of Sadism, WLISPS, Dried Up Corpse, Nervous Corps, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Pink Void, Jodie, plus TBA
8: Reserved: Felicia/Abraham //PENT UP FEST// NIGHT 2 ~ Control, Blood Box, Bacillus, Cathartech, SLATES, Mongrel Gods, Greg Gorlen, PRISONFOOD, Uneasy Chairs, plus TBA
14: Reserved Cole
15: Reserved: Mia - Dull Skin, Lepers Hands, +
16: Reserved, Matthew T: Quuttinirpaaq

22: Reserved: Conor

28: Reserved: Junque Music
29: REserved: Bailey


12: Reserved Tyler S: Coven, Skelator, Headless Pez, Snakes - Stonerviolence, Blood Of Kings, Lb.! (pound)
13: Reserved Tyler S:Ceremonial Castings, Xoth, Perception, Zorakarer, Last Bastion, The Vatican, Fvkk


17: Reserved: Melissa


  1. I desperately need this venue on Sunday, December 23rd. For a "TONE BLIND" re-union - birthday show.
    I will pay $100 advance & whatever door % you get.
    Im the guy who shoots most the video there = Raysynn.....It will be worth it !!!!....bodies & dollars. E-mail me at

    1. I just took over booking from Dan, not sure if he got you back, unfortunately the date is booked.

  2. We would like to get a show there sometime! I can't believe we haven't played the Josephine yet.

    1. agreed! check out the calendar and get me back with ideas.

    2. message us on the jo facebook page when it's time to book!

  3. I can't seem to find your facebook page or an e mail. We have played Josephine a few times in the past, and would love to book a May show. What is the best way to contact you?


    1. facebook page is at

  4. HELLO! I'm touring from El Paso, Texas and am trying to get a show in Seattle late May. I can't seem to find an email or facebook page for contact. My project's name is RESIN CUM, one man noise/drones in vein of aaron dilloway, sun, etc. resincum @ gmail . com if anything if possible!

  5. Hi Josephine,

    How can I contact you guys for booking? Should I ask around?



  6. I hope you check your "other" folder on facebook because they want to charge me $1 to send a message directly to your inbox!

    1. i just checked it, but if you are a friend of the josephine it shouldnt cost a dollar, go ahead and friend us.

  7. Hi, I recently messaged your facebook account, but as we are not friends on facebook it was sent to your other folder. I was hoping you might check in on it for me.